Monday, June 17, 2013


How about a roam through a park and a classic London mews? The blue skies, no clouds, no rain in sight here in Arizona is getting to me....

All photos taken by Kimberly Wold
                            We will start by entering through Lancaster Gate entrance at Hyde Park.

              Rain has stopped so fingers crossed we can make it through the park and stay dry.

             We'll make a quick detour over to Kensington Gardens to say hello to Peter Pan and pals.

                           This statue is a favorite of mine.  Sir George Frampton is the sculptor.

                                        Just look at that detail.  Thank you, Mr. Frampton.    

                                    Still no rain, so let's slip down this street and walk about.

           A mews is a little back street of houses that were former stables or carriage houses.  Very little traffic so roaming around is even more of a treat.

Yes, this door is as narrow as it appears.  But the high gloss black paint, silver hardware, thick white trim, not to mention the lead planters filled with greenery all make that little door inviting, don't you think?

The sea glass green paint caught my eye along with the pretty wrought iron balcony.  Such a delicate and feminine house front.

                                    A little left over Queen's Jubilee exhuberence at this flat.

           A nice breeze in the air, scarf around the neck, still no rain, so we will keep walking.

                           The black striped garbage can adds an unexpected detail.

                   That's it for our walking tour of the mews.  Now we need a little break.

                    Despite the 108 temps outside, I now have a little spring in my step.

                                            (All photos taken by Kimberly Wold)