Sunday, December 11, 2011


Since October, I've traveled to New York, Washington, DC, Savannah, Charleston, and Orange County.  The trips were terrific and while I haven't posted about those trips, I'm posting the most recent trip to California now because every picture is so Christmasy (is that a word?) that I thought you might get some design inspiration from Roger's Gardens and Disneyland.

Roger's Gardens is a destination in itself.  My friend Pam thinks admission should be charged (shhhh on that idea) because it is so fabulous.  Always impeccably decorated, even the bedding plants are laid out in style.

          Love this lady.  The wreath elegantly placed on her shoulders looks as dressy as a fur collar.

If I had a real tree, this would be it.  I believe it's a Silver Tip and I love all that space between branches. Ornaments could dangle away and really show off for Christmas.

This tablescape is gorgeous.  The all white tree looks smashing against the persimmon-colored berries.

                                    Love the combining of various shades of green and brown.

                                      Again, white branches really make the other colors pop.

                                              Santa are all spiffed-up standing in a row.

       Green apples are always a favorite of mine.  The apples works with any seasonal decor (okay,         maybe not Halloween).

     The center of this wreath is sharply cut twigs.  Gorgeous brown velvet bow ripples along the sides.

This is three different pieces put together - a wood pedestal, a glass vase stuffed with red roses, and a lantern sitting atop.

                                           Can you tell I love anything with that bright green?

                                                                         Finally, a bit of red.

The permanent train station is also decked out for Christmas.  If I had't been traveling by plane, I would have purchased several of those little chartreuse spruce trees to bring home.

Now, believe it or not, the above picture is taken at Disneyland.  Yes!  Isn't it a clever way to grow and display herbs and salad greens?  And wouldn't any one of those pots make a great Christmas gift?  I think so.

                                                    Sleeping Beauty Castle all decked out.

My family (and friend, Miss Jennifer) and I had a super time roaming around Roger's Gardens.  And December isn't December without our family's annual pilgrimage to Disneyland. Hope you picked up some design ideas from the pics above!

Friday, December 2, 2011


How do you keep track of your doings?  I'm always conflicted between paper and devices. Love both. Pluses and minuses for each.  I carry two smart phones: iPhone for personal, Blackberry for work.  And last year my darling friend Jennifer gave me a beautiful green Italian leather diary (see above). I had admired hers for quite some time.  The feel is rich but after a year of use I realize I need something larger for scribbling down more notes.

So, for next year's tracking of my life,  I'm giving the good old classic Moleskine a try.  Color choices: red or black.  Wishing there were a few more options, I picked red.

One of the great things about Moleskine is the price--less than $20.  While I would love a beautiful Smythson, specifically this one:

Moleskine wins (for now).