Friday, December 2, 2011


How do you keep track of your doings?  I'm always conflicted between paper and devices. Love both. Pluses and minuses for each.  I carry two smart phones: iPhone for personal, Blackberry for work.  And last year my darling friend Jennifer gave me a beautiful green Italian leather diary (see above). I had admired hers for quite some time.  The feel is rich but after a year of use I realize I need something larger for scribbling down more notes.

So, for next year's tracking of my life,  I'm giving the good old classic Moleskine a try.  Color choices: red or black.  Wishing there were a few more options, I picked red.

One of the great things about Moleskine is the price--less than $20.  While I would love a beautiful Smythson, specifically this one:

Moleskine wins (for now).


  1. I love writing out lists and appts-though I'll set the appt to ring on my phone. I love papers and pens, they honestly make me a little excited!

  2. Heather: I'm with you! I love paper, pens, notebooks, even return address labels. It must be in our blood!

  3. I am laughing, how many posts have I commented on now?? I can relate to them all, I would have picked red as well. I use to buy everything in purse, black accessories...and I can't find a thing! All my accessories are brightly coloured, italian leather (the soft kind) purple wallet, light blue iPad case, light grey iPhone case (from Dresden) and notebooks of various colours, thin, light and easy to carry. Don't even get me started on iPhone/iPad Apps... :)

    Jeanne xx
    PS..just read your book interests... Atlas Shrugged..uncanny...I wanted to be Dagney Taggart when I was in High how my world has changed. :)

  4. The folks at Moleskine heard you! Did you see the diary comes in colors for 2013? (Not quite the Smythson orange, but orange nonetheless: