Wednesday, November 30, 2011

POST THANKSGIVING TREAT - Cranberry Sauce and Yogurt

Second shelf of fridge.  Half empty container of Fage Greek yogurt.  Half empty container of Trader Joe's Fresh Cranberry Sauce. Hmmm, wouldn't that be a good pairing?

Why, yes, it would be very good.  Sweet, tart, creamy, no fat, not too many calories (ok, yes, there is sugar in that sauce). Breakfast? Afternoon pick-me-up? Dessert? Yep.  It can be whatever you need it to be.

Head to Trader Joe's before the cranberry sauce is gone--it is seasonal.


  1. Oh yum -- can't wait to try this! Love happy accidents... :-)

  2. This looks delicious - I'll have to get down to TJ's and find that cranberry sauce!

  3. I picked some up today and I could just die -- it is SO good! Such a lovely (and seasonal!) change for the Greek yogurt! Thanks for the awesome suggestion!