Sunday, November 20, 2011

LATEST OBSESSION - MZ Wallace Navy Bedford Bianca

I love bags.  Actually, that is an understatement.  I obsess about bags.  All sorts.  Clutches, satchels,  totes, shoulder bags, cross body, you name it, I love it.

I first heard about MZ Wallace from my friends Kathleen and Liz.  They heard about it from Liz's sister, Diane. I tell you this because I haven't been able to find this brand in AZ.  Nylon bags with leather trim--really? Yes.  Lightweight when empty.  Super for travel.  Cleans up beautifully.  Fun colors with--Yes!--contrasting interior lining.  Not black.  Doesn't it drive you crazy to dig around the bottom of a black interior bag?  It does me.  I love a light to medium color on the inside--much easier to find that lipstick that jumped out into the depths of my bag from the safety of my cosmetic pouch.

The bag pictured to the left is my latest obsession. It is a rich navy blue, with black leather straps, and a bit of red peeking out of the leather seams.  The interior is a light taupe color.  And it comes with a nice strap to wear it as a cross body bag which is perfect for traveling. The photo does not do it justice.  I've seen it in person in the teeny tiny upper east side shop in New York.  Loved it in the light tan color but wanted it in something a bit more rich looking.  This navy should do it.

So, since I absolutely can't justify a new bag. Well, a full-priced bag, I should say (I can pretty much rationalize anything), I will have to wait until I find a decent discount on this one.  But I'm dreaming of taking it on my next out-of-the-country trip knowing it will be the perfect bag.  How long can I wait?


  1. OOH... Where do I get one of these???

  2. Kimberly you know how they have AA classes. Well maybe they have one for handbags. I can drive you there. Haha

  3. Hi, I too am a handbag addict and just love MZ Wallace. I thought about the Bianca in navy Bedford for too long and missed out on it. It sold out quickly before it even went on sale! :-(. Did you decide to get one before it was too late? :-) Or did you end up saving your money instead? :-D nice blog btw!

  4. Dear Anonymous #3:

    I, like you, waited too long. I tried it in the Latte but it wasn't the same. Instead, I bought a gorgeous lightweight leather Longchamp bag which you can see here:

    It turns out this is a great travel purse and I'm thrilled with it.

    Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely compliment!