Sunday, June 8, 2008


I recreated this recipe from my memory of eating Calabacitas years ago in a little Mexican restaurant in downtown Phoenix.

Olive oil
Onion - chopped
Zucchini - roughly chopped
Crookneck squash - roughly chopped
Shredded sharp cheddar cheese
Salt and pepper

Heat oil in a skillet (I used garlic-infused olive oil). Sautee onions for a 5 minutes, then add squash and salt and pepper, and cook until fairly tender. Add corn. Heat through. Sprinkle on cheese. Serve hot. This is a great way to use up all that zucchini that I am sure you are growing in your garden!


  1. I made this the other day with zucchini and yellow squash fresh from the (your!) garden. It was SO good -- sure to become a summer favorite. Thanks for posting it!

  2. I asked Chris today if any vegetables sounded good to him -- he immediately said "Kim's calabacitas!" So that's what's on the stove right now. So grateful for this recipe. It's a year-round staple. :-)