Sunday, August 10, 2008

Red Mountain Spa

Two years ago my friend Cassandra and I treated ourselves to 5 days at the Red Mountain Spa just outside St. George, Utah. Frequently voted one of the top 10 best destination spas in the US, Red Mountain Spa is low-key and one of the best-valued spas around.

The Spa is about a two hour drive from Vegas. And you definitely want a car--because after about 3 days of not eating sugar we had to sneak out and find the nearest Baskin and Robbins.

The Spa is set next to Snow Canyon State Park just outside of Zion National Park. So of course the scenery is stunning. Every morning there are scheduled hikes through the Canyon. Our days consisted of either hiking or exercise classes in the morning, lunch, and exercise classes in the afternoon with lovely spa treatments in the evening after dinner. We didn't wear makeup one day. In fact, some guests wore their robes to dinner.

Two additional points: there were a few men at this spa--the men that were there appeared to be with wives/girlfriends. And Diet Coke is not served in the dining room. But, I did find a hidden Coke machine--ah hah!

Right now Red Mountain Spa is running a special for $199 a night during the month of August. The price includes 3 meals a day, bike rental, and all fitness classes. Spa treatments are extra. Of course it is hot during August but the nights up there are still cool. So if you have ever been tempted to go to a spa you might want to check out this one.


  1. How fun, you mentioned my name...I would like to caution everyone on the use of the bicycles...Cassandra

  2. It sounds so relaxing...well, maybe not the hiking, biking, exercising, etc. but the treatments sound great! Was it mostly women? Important point to find out!