Friday, April 24, 2009


My sister's Sweet Peas

We have an abundance of Sweet Peas. Tammy cuts them every few days and spreads them through-out the house.

Carrots and Beets -- so good!

Carrots take forever to germinate and to grow to a decent size. But I will still plant them again this fall.

Herbs and tomatoes

Time for a little "fresh up" for the gardens. First, new boxes were delivered. Hal built one-foot high 4 x 4 boxes which will be easier to work with. Tammy and Ellie cleared out lettuce that had bolted and beets that were spent. We added lots of soil amendments to provide nutrients for our new little guests. Then we (Tammy, Ellie, Maddie, Morgan, and me) planted zucchini, crookneck squash, red bell peppers, eggplant, jalapeno, and cantaloupe.

Belles of Ireland

Last fall we planted a lot of flowers by seed--Belles of Ireland were something new we had never planted before. Love the green with the tiny pink buds in the middle.


This Foxglove we purchased at Harper's Nursery. It was too pretty to resist.

The gang also planted a variety of Sunflower seeds last weekend. We chose the American Giant for the vegetable gardens so they would provide a bit of shade when the sun is high and hot. Smaller varieties such as Teddy Bear were also planted. I'll snap some pics when they begin to bloom.


  1. I love your Belles of Ireland,I hwant to try them next year. They are beautiful!The sweet peas are my favorite though. Everything looks great.

  2. Everything looks so beautiful. Especially my sweet peas.