Friday, July 17, 2009


Do you ever re-read a book? If so, why? I do not but I'm always intrigued why others do. Sometimes I will re-read a favorite passage but never do I start from page one and read on until the end.

Kind of sort of finished Richard and John: Kings at War. A bit too detailed even for me. And since I'm partial to Queen Eleanor I naturally always take the side of Richard, the Lionheart. So I read the first 100 pages and the conclusion and I'm done.

Listened to Striding Folly on CD, a Lord Peter Wimsey grouping of short stories. I want to be his wife, Harriet Vane, who is a smart writter with an excellent vocabulary and married to Peter who loves her madly. Of course, having the title Lord and Lady is also a plus (I do love his wit but he would need to be a tad more masculine to be the perfect mate).

My French Life is the dreamiest book. Just lovely to look at and the writing really reflects Vicki Archer's personality (although I haven't met her I'm assuming her writing reflects her, if not she is a mighty good fake.)

Seven Pleasures: Essays on Ordinary Happiness wasn't as enjoyable as I anticipated. The writer, Willard Spiegelman, shares seven favorite activities that bring simple happiness: reading, walking, looking, swimming, listening, dancing, and writing. I skipped the swimming and dancing chapters. For some reason I didn't connect with this book although I do agree that happiness can come from very simple activities. I was a bit irritated by his comment about viewing artwork--that it seemed to him most people just raced through museums not stopping long enough to look at the paintings. I am one who sometimes zips through a museum to get to the one painting I want to immerse myself in. How do any of us know, based on the art patrons we see in a museum room, just how art is viewed and absorbed? But I did enjoy his chapters on reading, walking, and listening.

The Wildwater Walking Club is an easy read. A cute premise of three neighborhood women who become friends by forming a walking club. No huge plot or mystery, so far just a nice little story (haven't finished yet). This referral came from Mary's Library--a good book blog.

The next two are books that have been sitting on my nightstand for a while, Dorothy Dunnett's The Game of Kings and The Brothers Karamazov. But, first, I need to finish Middlemarch.

Are you reading anything interesting?


  1. Books, Books, Books! WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR LIFE?

  2. If you go my Blog entitled Thanks to Gingeyginge for my Award you will see that I have passed this on to you.