Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Solarizing our flower bed seems to have worked on those rotten weeds. But here is the odd thing: it appears the Freesia bulbs have survived. So the Arizona sun baked the dickens out of those insideous weeds but the sweet little Freesias may be blooming soon? I never would have guessed. Sweet peas (remember to soak your seeds overnight before planting) and a whole slew of bulbs will be planted next month. The ground is ready. We added 11 bags of manure and some of our own compost. Isn't that soil gorgeous?

The basil went wild this summer--I've been pruning it back weekly. I recently planted fennel, cilantro, and dill seeds and they are all coming up right on schedule. I also planted a herb I've never heard of--pennyroyal. I haven't done a bit of research on it but thought it was pretty so I bought it. I also transplanted flat leaf parsley (my favorite parsley), don't you find the curly parsley annoying?

Last month we planted (from seed) Choggia beets, Olympia spinach, various lettuces, a couple varieties of chinese cabbage, French Breakfast radishes, and green onions. All are peaking their little heads out now. More of our compost in the garden boxes above. We are now cooking up our Fall batch of compost.

The photo above makes my little garden boxes look a bit tipsy, they aren't. Apparently the photographer (me) was tilting a little more to the right than usual.

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  1. So if it was the photographers fault the pictures are tipsy...what made the photographer tipsy...?