Friday, December 11, 2009


Yea! It's that time of year again when my sisters, Tammy and Lori, and Ellie my niece, and I head over to California to spend a few days in Orange County. Basically, this posting is paying homage to the beloved Roger's Gardens.

Roger's Gardens is a delight anytime of the year but at Christmas it is ethereal. I should have brought along a video camera to capture the feeling for you and then post it on YouTube. But I didn't. So these photos will have to do.
Maybe a few of these vignettes will spur your imagination to do something new with your Christmas decorations this year. I love to be a copy cat!

Wouldn't it be pretty to gather up your white and clear glass items and fill them with flower for a centerpiece? It wouldn't need to cost anything, just using what you have and maybe a few clippings from your garden.

The above picture was full of sparkles but my camera didn't catch them. I loved the white, gray, and glitter.

This fun wreath looks bigger than it is. I bought it for my front door but it is too small. If I layer it over another pine wreath I am hoping it will fill the space better.

This darling little tree caught my eye. I love the red stand.

See that pretty white polka dot and red cake platter on the right side of the pic? Shhhh, I bought it for one of my sisters. The one who likes red. Don't tell.

Santas, santas everywhere. Are there ever enough? My sister, Tammy, doesn't think so.

I love this guy above. Very regal in his fur trimmed robe with his crown. I would have loved to bring him home.

Another gorgeous Santa.

Outside at night everything is lit up. The trees are all dressed up with white lights. If you can visit at night you will love it even more. All bundled up roaming around the gorgeously lit grounds.

Of course our annual trip includes one or two days at Disneyland! It was very cold. We stayed in jackets, gloves, and scarves all day and we loved it. But, of course, we are from Arizona.

Picture below: Pommes Frites. Cafe Orleans at Disneyland.

Best fries at Disneyland--garlic, parmesan cheee, and parsley sprinkled on top served with a cajun sauce. Yum. Really the only food worth taking a photo of at Disneyland. If I were to become CEO of Disneyland the first thing I would do is to improve the taste of the food. There is really no excuse for the abysmal food the Park offers.

But we don't go to Disneyland for the food. We go for the atmosphere, the memories of spending a few day there every summer, and just being together plotting which ride we will go on next and who will control the lever for the Dumbo ride!


  1. What a wonderful tradition! Sounds like you all had a great time!

  2. You're inspiring. I don't appreciate or notice such lovely decorations. I need to pay more attention to detail.

    I'm also having a hard time visualizing the hat, gloves, scarves in California for some reason. LOL

    So who won out on the Dumbo lever?

  3. I love that word, ethereal. Thanks for the Christmas inspiration. You can never have enough sparkle and shine for Christmas!

  4. Sounds like a great trip. You are so lucky to have your sisters close by!

  5. Thank you for sharing the gift of the Rogers Gardens photo tour! We drove right by it when we were in CA but I was too sick to get out of the car. Your post makes up for not getting to go. xoxo