Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I wish you could smell these Freesias. The strong fragrance of these little darlings is found in a lot of perfumes and lotions. They make great cut flowers for your home as they last a good week.
The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the humming birds are stopping by for a little sip of nectar. April in Arizona is the best.

As you can see in the pic above, Tammy's Sweet Peas are climbing and blooming.

And the 100 bulbs Tammy, Ellie, and the twins planted are breaking free.

This striped tulip was a surprise. Isn't it odd that tulips don't have any scent?

Ranunculus' intertwined with the Sweet Peas.

As my niece, Ellie, says, "Kipling is always very involved". No kidding.

Heaps of homemade compost filled-up the garden boxes. Don't know what I'm planting, yet.

The Mid-Pride Peach tree we planted last year didn't make it. So we bought another one and we're keeping our fingers crossed that peaches will appear in a few years. At least it is leafing out nicely.

And our little Anna apple trees have leafed-out. We held our breath since we had pulled off all of its leaves in February. Of course, Jill was right.

What are you planting this Summer?


  1. After five years with a 12x16 foot terrace, we will finally be getting a garden next month. Lots of space.

    Do you make your own compost? Do you have any problems with it attracting vermin? DC has lots of rats and we don't want to encourage them.

  2. Thomas:

    Yes, we make our own compost--love it! No problems with attracting any animals. We use recycled garbage bins the City provides. Holes are drilled for air circulation and there is a hinged lid. I think in your situation you should have the bin off of the ground and covered which would make it harder for the little varmints to get inside.

  3. I LOVE gardening and to hear about gardening. I love getting my hands and knees dirty and smelling the soil. And tulips are the most lovely of flowers! I agree, why dont' tulips smell? You garden looks so enchanting!