Monday, November 15, 2010


One night while staring at the blank wall in my study, I came upon an idea to fill the space. I knew I wanted a beautiful bulletin board and I wanted it big.  Not two feet by three feet but four feet wide and five feet high.  Anything pre-made would be $$$$$.  So, while staring at the wall I thought about homasote, that 1/2 inch thick tack board that, if covered, would work.  I also remembered that Renee at Mesa Sales had ordered linen fabric covered in French writing. The next morning I went to Home Depot--no homasote.  But was told that white wall board would work even better.  For around $18 I bought an 8 x 6 wall board, cut down to one 5 x 4 and two 2 x 3 pieces. 

Staple gun in hand, I completed the project in less than 30 minutes.  And since my desk is deep, I didn't want it to hang on the wall but to lean, thereby easily accessed. 

Fabric - $18 per yard

This pattern caught my eye and would take care of using more of the board remnants and fill this space in my bathroom nicely. It is also French writing on linen but with an overlaying bird and branch pattern.

I stapled cording onto the back of the board to hang on a pretty little crown hook I bought in Paris last year.

A super simple project done quickly and for $ as opposed to $$$$.  Yea!


  1. One problem. It is too pretty to use as a bulletin board. You can count that as art and now you have to start over on finding a bulletin board.

  2. SO glad you posted this! Love, love this idea -- so elegant and perfect for your space. And I must say I have to agree with Leslie -- to me it is perfectly inspirational just as-is. :-)

  3. It is art, large or small! I especially love the pattern with the bird.

    How is the wall board working as a bulletin board? Like Lady B mentioned, almost a shame to cover it in any way!

  4. Thanks, everyone.

    Jenclair: I haven't dared put anything on it yet!