Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My sofas (2) needed a freshen-up.  What to do, what to do. New slipcovers? Hmmm, no, more money than I wanted to spend.  And, besides, I'm not totally in love with the sofas. The arms are a bit too high for my current taste.  So, a little refresh was in order.  I peeled off the two back cushions and replaced with this little ensemble of down-filled pillows.  What do you think?


I never liked the back cushions of my sofas (see pic below).  They were too stuffed and I was always beating them back into submission.  I even had them refilled but it didn't do the trick for me.

I purchased some fabric at the ill-named Calico Corners during its recent sale (see middle pillow). Had two pillows made filled with 50/50 down and feathers. The other pillows are a combination of pillows I picked up on my recent trip to Belgium and the local Pottery Barn (always good for home accents).

I am so happy with my "new" sofas.  Just a little tweaking and it has changed the look and feel of the room. Hooray for simple changes!


  1. I love it! And it's very comfortable to sit on.

  2. Love the 'after' -- and it looks so comfortable. Makes me want to grab and book and settle in!

  3. Love, love, LOVE! That floral fabric is so gorgeous.

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  5. WOW - What an eye you have for seeing the potential in everything. Good job.

  6. Lori: I agree, it is far more comfortable than before.

    Terri: It is now heaven to stretch out and watch a good British film!

    Jennifer: Another plus is the feel of the fabric, textured and soft.

    German: Picking out stuff is what I do best!

    Tami: Sometimes it is a matter of screening out the bad!

  7. I absolutely love this fresh, updated look. Prefer it really.