Sunday, May 22, 2011


Jackie as Editor, by Greg Lawrence There are several books out right now about JKO and her working life.  I was interested to know about her work as an editor at Viking and then Doubleday.
This book confirmed that she really did play a serious role searching for and working with new talent in different subject areas for both publishing companies.  What I was most surprised about though, was her own writing skills.  Her beautifully written thank you notes have influenced me to take a little time and write what a gift really means.  Not the typical, "Thank you for the book, I loved it." 
This is the note in response to receiving flowers:  "Your tuberoses are so beatuiful--when I walk through the living room I close my eyes and smell them and think I'm back with Proust.  I know you are my friend as I am so deeply yours--and knowing you has taught me more than you could ever know--your spirit."  Not, "Thank you for the roses, they were beautiful.  You are so thoughtful." I didn't read every bit of this book but what I did read gave me a decent understanding of the last few years of her short life.  It's hard to think that she died at age 64.
The Children's Book by A.S. Byatt I am struggling to get through this book. A few favorite book bloggers greatly enjoyed this book and while I think the writing is excellent the story is not holding my interest.   Most of the characters are unlikeable, save a few.  The story takes place in England (of course) and spans from 1895 to the end of World War I.  Filled with lots of characters on various tangents, it is the story of a group of highly creative free-thinking people exploring socialism,  Fabianism, anarchy, blah, blah, blah.  Most are so self-centered it is hard to choke down (but the book cover is pretty, no?)
Typically, if I'm going to read a 600+ page book, it is non-fiction. I don't like to devote that much time to fiction. But for some reason, I haven't just chucked the whole thing.  I keep plodding along in between other reads.  Do you ever do that? (By the way, I realize the paragraphs are practically non-existent, but Blogger is not cooperating!)


  1. My mom loved Jackie, she was classy. A few years ago I went to the exhibit about her at the Field Museum and was so impressed with her kindness and awareness towards others. I love how she chose her clothes to some how represent the countries in which she visited.
    How she went through the White House and redid, it by restoring so many items that were just cast aside.
    She was just such an elegant Lady

  2. Tami: My mom loved Jackie, too. I went to an exhibit of her clothing held at the Corcoran in DC and bought the exhibition book for my mom--she loved it.

    At the exhibition, I remember being surprised that all those pretty sheath dresses that JKO wore were in bright sherbet colors. I always pictured her dresses in black, gray, tan, or white because of the black and white photos.