Sunday, July 10, 2011


Just got back from a week in Laguna Beach.  Here is a bit of what we did:

A lot of this

A little of this

Some of that

More of this

A bit of ukelele

A little toe showing-off

Finding the deeper meaning of "Mall Cop"

Some June Gloom (even in July)

Which meant roasting of marshmallows was in order

But this is the image etched in my brain

Next stop: San Juan Capistrano Mission


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful, relaxing time at Laguna Beach... What was that you're eating here? I love the ukulele :-)

  2. You're just jealous that I can quote every word of Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Admit it!

  3. My blood pressure dropped just looking at your photos.

  4. New Homes: We are eating light wheat pancakes with strawberries and turkey sausage--delish!

    Lori: There wasn't a bad moment the entire week. "Wonderful" is right.

    Ellie: I'm beginning to quote Paul Blart!

    Thomas: I haven't been so relaxed since Hawaii in December 2008.

  5. It was a beautiful trip. I even enjoyed having a roommate. Even though she would start cracking her (loud) ankle in the morning. Now, if I could only get Paul Blart Mall Cop out of my head. Still love that goofy movie:)

  6. So happy for you! You deserved this little piece of heaven. (Fell in love with those red Anthropologie plates.)

  7. Dearest Tammy: well at least I didn't SNORE......even if it was for 30 seconds.
    Dearest Kim: I'm happy to hear that. It's nice to know I'm finally rubbing off on you rather than the other way around. And no, I haven't read yet today. MUAHAHAHA!!!