Sunday, August 14, 2011


News Bulletin: It's hot here in Arizona.  Which has led me to think about my favorite places in and around Laguna Beach.  I'm going to pretend I'm there for a bit. (Now, if I could just feel that cool breeze cross my face....)

 Love this little walk in Treasure Island Park just below the Montage Resort.  A switch-back pathway leads you to the beach.

Every trip to Laguna Beach includes a walk to the South Laguna Community Garden to see what's growing.

                                                    Even the plants have a nice view.

                               Coyote Grill is a new find (directly across from the community gardens).

The best swordfish tacos - Coyote Grill

A little further south in Capistrano Beach, is Lucy's (or El Patio).  El Patio is the official name but the locals know it as Lucy's.  Really good hole-in-the-wall Mexican food.

Located in the south end of Laguna Beach, is Laguna Thai By the Sea.  Everything I've ordered there has been excellent.  I am partial to the Ga Rhee Gai, Pad Thai and Rama Chicken.  But, really, you can't go wrong with anything on the menu.

Eva's Caribbean Kitchen is a tiny little box of a place with the best barbecue salmon.

Not pictured, Cafe Zoolu (reservations a must) is famous for the best grilled swordfish.  The portions are crazy big so split an entree (I always split the swordfish sampler which is three huge chunks of swordfish steaks each prepared with a different sauce.

Also not pictured is my new find:  Rhythm Spin, a Spin studio that I love.  I booked three one-hour classes while I was in Laguna Beach.  It was the perfect antidote to all the extra eating one does on vacation.  Plus it was fun to experience a different spin class outside my usual class back home.

So, after all that spinning, a donut was just the ticket.  South Swell Donuts offers delectable little darlings freshly made starting at 3:00 am every morning.

Serving set from Tuvalu

Candle holders from Tuvalu

Tuvalu Home can't be forgotten.  A home furnishing shop in the village proper always has a few items that call out my name.  Small bowls, serving pieces, candle holders, jewelry, you name it I've bought it.  Beachy, yes.  But not everything is so coastal that it can't work in an Arizonan home.

When we arrive in town we love to stop by one of those little roadside flower shops and pick up fresh flowers for the house.  There is one roadside stand in Laguna Beach by Browne's Flowers but the above  location is in Dana Point.

We wanted to leave fresh cut flowers for our hostess as a small token of thanks so we selected three bunches and Paige trimmed them up and made them extra pretty.

Well, our little imaginary trip is over for now.  I feel slightly cooler (if I keep the windows shuttered) and certainly more relaxed.  Hope you do, too.

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