Sunday, January 29, 2012

SPICED PECAN PUMPKIN BREAD - Williams Sonoma (cheating)

Yes, I cheated. Pumpkin bread not from scratch.  But don't you ever walk into your pantry or open up your cupboard and find the yummy quick bread mix that you bought, stashed away, forgot about, and then discover it's about to expire?  Maybe that's just me.  You all are probably super organized. I noticed the bread mix in the nick of time.  And then, as I rummaged around for a bread pan, discovered that I also bought a darling bread pan (on sale) for making this specific bread. A year ago.  What is wrong with my brain? Don't answer.

So, this morning I made this yummy bread adding in a handful of chocolate chips that were lonely in its 3/4 empty bag--nice to get rid of a few things on my pantry shelf.  And within 20 minutes my house was a divine atmosphere of pumpkin, pecans, and a hint of chocolate.  If you've ever wondered about Williams-Sonomas quick bread mixes, let me tell you they are excellent.


  1. Maybe it's cheating but it's beautiful! That bread pan is a keeper.