Monday, September 3, 2012


What a gorgeous day at Chatsworth.  Just look at those colors!
Certainly, we were meant to be there on a day like this.

           I suspect you know that Chatsworth is home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.
And, of course, you are fully aware that Chatsworth was used for the exterior shots of the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice.  

                           The famous Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, lived at Chatsworth.
                     You probably read all about her in Amanda Foreman's excellent biography.

                       Deborah Mitford Cavendish, the current Dowager Duchess of Devonshire
                                        Her biography Wait for Me!: Memoirs is a delight.

               How about a tour of the interiors of this majestic estate?  The artwork is astounding.
Paintings, sculptures, tapestries, wood carvings, metalworks, and more fill Chatsworth up to the attics.

         Paintings by Thomas Gainsborough, John Singer Sargent,  and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, are just a      few of the artists in the Chatsworth collection.

                                          Paintings fill up the walls along the hallways

                                                 and on the ceiling of the grand entrance hall.

       And tucked under those gorgeous stairs in the entrance hall is a ping pong table for family fun.

                                                      Dazzling porcelains all lined up
                           Perfect illustration as to why grouping collections has such impact

                                                   Hand painted Chinese wallpaper from 1830
               I loved this so much that I bought several items in the gift shop depicting this pattern

                                                      The Mary, Queen of Scots room
                                                        A little cramped but I'll take it

                                            Picture taken in honor of my sweet niece, Ellie.

                                           Different chair but love the fabric combination

    Don't you just want to crawl into that bed, pull tight the bed hangings, sleep the sleep of the just,
                                and then be awakened with tea and toast served on a tray?

                                         And how about ending the day in the library?
Sitting in one of those cosy chairs (I'm thinking the dark green velvet chair on the left side would be            perfect), reading a good book in the middle of a 'dark and stormy night' is my idea of heaven.

                                                            "A Veiled Vestal Virgin"
                                                                by Raffaelle Monti    
                                                               Marble, yes, marble

                                                                   The dining room

                                                                The dining room
                                      (Couldn't decide which shot to use so I posted both)

                                                  Entering into the sculpture gallery

         This is how I felt after touring Chatsworth, with hand to heart and a wistful look on my face.                                            
                                           Next post: The Gardens of Chatsworth


  1. Incredible1 Thanks for the tour -- *almost* as good as being there.

  2. You forgot the ping pong table that was tuckied under that amazing staircase in the entrance hall. I love it that a family still lives there and those little things remind me of that. Beautiful pictures!

  3. Jennifer: I am so ready to go back!

    Leslie: Duly noted and changes made. Gracias.

  4. Wonderful Kim! I have never beautiful. I loved that version of P&P...that marble room would be a dream to walk through. Looking forward to the gardens!
    Jeanne xx

  5. What a lovely, lovely home! Thanks for giving us a peek inside.

  6. Magnificent! So much history and so much beauty in one place.

  7. Amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  8. I've never made it to Chatsworth. It looks like you get more bang for buck on the tour than you do at Blenheim or Castle Howard. Not that I didn't enjoy those places mind you.

  9. Kim, thanks for this fantastic tour of Chatsworth. I would love to visit. I loved all of it, especially the library. I didn't know that it was used in "Pride and Prejudice." What a fabulous post!

  10. Kim, I forgot to say that I also read "Wait for Me" and now am in love with Deborah Mitford!

  11. Jeanne: I've watched the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice so many times since I've returned home.

    Anbolyn: Thanks for stopping by!

    Nancy: Yes--Chatsworth has so much historical significance it is overwhelming.

    Jill: You will love the gardens so stay tuned.

    Thomas: We roamed around Chatsworth for 5-6 hours. Definitely got our monies worth.

    Sunday: I will be posting soon about Deborah Mitford's house in the village--you will love.