Monday, July 1, 2013

ARABESK - Barbara Nadel

Arabesk by Barbara Nadel

When you travel do you try to read books that relate to your destination?  I've done it a few times but it always had to do with Great Britain (surprise).   My friend, Liz, directed me to Barbara Nadel who writes murder mysteries that take place in Istanbul. I downloaded her book, Arabesk, to my Kindle and read it during my visit there last summer.

Lots of fun to read about real neighborhoods and sites in a fictional book as I roamed around Istanbul. The star of the series is Inspector Cetin Ikmen, who is home on medical leave and getting pretty antsy.  So his, protege, Mehmet Suleyman, is in charge of the newest murder investigation.  Normally, these exotic names would be hard to keep track of but they became the norm during my travels.

The story is about the murder of a young mom with connections to a famous music star and an aging actress.  Lots of interesting characters who I think are part of the series with a few side stories that also kept my attention. I'm needing an Istanbul fix so I will add another of Nadel's to my reading list.


  1. Yes, I love to do that. And like you, it's often British books! Have you read Pamuk, another great Turkish writer, in fact he won the Nobel prize for literature. This book sounds like a lot of fun, and I adore mysteries!

  2. No, I haven't read Pamuk. I will add that to my list. Thanks, Sunday!