Sunday, June 1, 2014


                  After four nights in London we were off to Paris!  This girl was excited.

We immediately left our hotel, the always wonderful Hotel Relais Bosquet and walked straight to the Eiffel Tower.

                                                                   Happy, happy!

              The next two stops were for me--Angelina's for thick, creamy hot niece doesn't care for chocolate.  I know, right?

And then to Longchamp to look at this gorgeous bag (which I later bought at my favorite Paris department store, Le Bon Marche.)

I mentioned that I added one new place to visit for myself on this trip so we are walking to

the Musee Marmottan which is found in a little neighborhood on a pretty street--it was raining so I was lucky to get this quick snap.  What a spectacular permanent Monet exhibit--worth the visit.

            Of course, the Lock Bridge is now a must-see.  Can't remember what the actual name is for this bridge.  Note:  Thanks to Mary and to my niece, the name of the bridge is Pont des Arts.

                                                The Code of Hammurabi - The Louvre
The Code of Hammurabi was on my niece's must-see list.  I'm sure you know exactly what it is--I'm embarrassed to say I had never heard of it or at least I didn't retain the information if I had studied this way back in the day.  It is a code of laws dating back to around 1754--before Christ.  Pretty cool. This is tucked away in a part of the Louvre that I had never been to.

No, we didn't share three ice creams--we met up with a friend of my niece who is lucky enough to be doing a study abroad in Paris.  Wouldn't that be fun?

                                                        Back later for Paris II.....


  1. Suzy Flake GibbonsJune 2, 2014 at 2:09 PM

    I love this Kim. How are you doing? We need to go to lunch again soon.

  2. Lovely memories

  3. Sigh! Paris in the spring.

    The "lock bridge" is the Pont des Arts, which is at the foot of the street I lived in when I was in Paris years ago. No locks in those days.

    Can't wait for Part II.