Sunday, July 27, 2008

Great Excuse to Buy More Bags

I get the whole reusable bag issue. Just the thought of all those plastic grocery bags filling up the landfills is enough to make you swear-off any bags and just carry everything in your arms as you head out of the grocery store.

Buying those string bags I've seen carried by the green types just didn't do it for me. Finally, some great looking reusable bags are ready for purchase.

I mean some fun looking bags that give us all an excuse to buy more bags! First Trader Joes designed a whimsical bag that cost around $2. Then Whole Foods came out with a whole slew of bags including the one above for $1.

Recently I ordered several colorful bags from a daughter and mom company called Baggu. They are a good size and fold up nice and flat when not in use (see photo below). You can find them at If you order 3 or more bags, use the code "candy" in the coupon box and you may receive one extra bag at no additional cost.

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