Sunday, July 13, 2008

Zinnias Planted by Seed

On Monday, June 2nd, we had a seed planting party! We invited my sister, Lori and her husband Steve, their darling daughter Ellie, our neighbor Sheli and her twin girls Morgan and Madeline. Ten packets of seeds were sown. Varieties of Zinnias, Cosmos, and Four O'Clocks. It was a fun evening and we thanked everyone with yummy Root Beer Floats.

Around July 3rd the zinnias started blossoming and they haven't stopped. They are gorgeous and make the corner of our backyard look like an old-fashioned English garden. And with the rain we have been getting these past few days I am expecting the cosmos and four o'clocks to begin blooming any day.

Planting by seed was fun and provided entertainment on a summer evening. Now we are reaping the rewards. Who knew you don't have to buy pony packs at your local gardening store? We probably spent around $20 for a 12 feet by 5 feet plot that is now teeming with beautiful summer flowers. And finding something that will produce such color through the miserable hot Arizona summers is ever so lovely!


  1. Kim, Your flowers are beautiful! Zinnias are one of my favorite and area bright spot in the Arizona heat. What a fun night and I can't wait tosee them. Last I saw they were just starting to pop thru the ground.Thanks for the pictures! Leslie

  2. I loved your flowers today, I am thinking of wear I can plant some zinnias. Great site and wonderful pictures of your travels.

  3. That was a fun night! Especially when Sheli kept bumpping into me with her bottom.