Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Just returned from a perfect trip to Paris! I will write about this trip soon but I wanted to post a few images for you to view. My friend Linda and I roamed around the neighborhoods of Paris for one week. Lovely!

Macarons--apparently have reached a cult status in Paris, for good reason.

A pretty shop on the Ile Saint-Louis.

Beautiful sculptures abound.

A classic Croque-Monsieur.

The Louvre.


Jennifer said...

Glad to hear it was a great trip, and that you're back safe and sound.

Thanks for whetting our appetites with the photos -- looking forward to the full recap!

Our Staff said...

Oh my! Paris! And taught to make parisian pastries...that is too much fun for one person to have all in one trip. How i wish i was in AZ and I could come over and taste some of your divine treats. Glad you had so much fun. You always inspire me to take adventures when they come.