Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Gorgeous grapefruit! Our first year of delicious, sweet, edible Oro Blanco grapefruit. No sugar needed. A bowl of hot oatmeal finished with an Oro Blanco is my favorite winter-spring breakfast. That sweet-tart taste sharpens the taste buds. If you can, pick them as you eat them. Ripening ceases as soon as you pull it from its branch. However, once ripe, grapefruits store well and I've had them in my refrigerator bin for as long as four weeks without any spoiling.

Have you ever eaten a Sun Gold tomato? Sweet, juicy, little golden globes the size of small marbles. If your kids usually won't eat tomatoes they will eat a Sun Gold. However, if you buy them at the market they are pricey--$5 for a small basket. So, growing them is a much better idea. I just transplanted the little jewels on Saturday, just in time for the glorious rain.

In the background of the pic above, you can see that Tammy's Sweet Peas and various bulbs are out of the ground and reaching upwards. Should be blooming and bountiful in a few more weeks.

Last fall I bought a pretty little herb called Pennyroyal. Not knowing anything about it other than it had tiny leaves with a strong, minty fragrance, I planted one small bunch. Well, forget it. It spreads its little tentacles and before you know it it is everywhere (see photo above, at the base of the cilantro). Oh, and it's toxic. So I pulled it and hopefully got it all. But, if you are looking for a pretty, fragrant, slightly toxic ground cover, this is the plant for you.

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