Saturday, April 16, 2011


I've been slowly refreshing a few tired items in my home.  Two over-stuffed, well-worn chairs from my Mom's house were the recent models for a makeover.  Stashed away in back rooms with sheets tossed over them, it was time for a little update both in fabric and in style.  Tragically, I do not have a "before" picture (don't you just love "before and after" pics?) So, you will have to use your imagination.  


Picture this "before": green and peach striped fabric, back cushion beaten down after years of serving as a snuggly spot for a small dog, body of chair very tight, skirt a tad too short.

I wanted a bit of a slipcovered look without the looseness and wrinkles of slipcovers (though I don't mind a bit of wrinkles, do you?)  The new fabric is an unbleached linen-cotton blend. Simple, unadorned.

The "before" chair would have shown arms that were flat in the front with piping, one short pleat on the two front corners,  and more piping around the perimeter of the skirt.  I wanted an updated look so I asked my genius of an upholsterer (Mike Redhorse, love him) to remove the piping around the arms, add pleats on the front of the arms, and add two pleats (one long, one short) on the two front corners of the chair, no piping at the base.  Done.

A softer, higher back was needed (down and feathers) and three pleats on each rounded corner (love those).  Done.

The back of the chair is fitted and then slightly flairs at the pleat, mimicking a slipcover.  I also wanted the skirt slightly longer than the previous chair.

Voila!  Updated, refreshed, and feeling brand-spanking new (with a reduced-priced John Robshaw pillow perched atop).


  1. It looks so fresh, modern and new! Well done you!

  2. Absolutely love everything about it! The accent pillow is fabulous, too.

    Any plans to feature the Easter tablescape you sneak-peeked in the background?

  3. Your finished chair kind of reminds me of one featured in this month's House Beautiful. Like yours better, and this one costs $1,750:

  4. Don't you just wish you could re-do all the chairs in the house once a year! I love this... so simple and elegant. Your mom would have liked it too!

  5. I am just waiting for the dogs to get on them with dirty paws.