Saturday, June 2, 2012


Another murder mystery series that some folks think should be read in order.  I didn't and still loved it.  No Mark Upon Her is a Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James detective mystery written in current time.  Kincaid is a Scotland Yard Detective Superintendent and his wife (finally!) Gemma James is a Detective Inspector from the Notting Hill police station in London.  Love these two.

This time, they are called in to resolve the case of another senior police officer who is found dead in the waters of the Thames while  training as a rower for the Olympics.  Very good stuff.  This series is well-written, not grisly or too graphic, and there is nice thread of personal relations between Kincaid and James that I enjoy.

Thanks to Mary's Library I'm going to read more of the books in this series working backwards.


  1. It's better if you go back to the first one, "A Share in Death" and then work your way forward again. Enjoy! She's such a fantastic writer.

    --Marjorie of Connecticut

  2. Awesome series by a wonderful, fun, caring writer.

    I am just finishing No Mark upon her for 3rd time. I started rereading series again awhile back, will be sad to get to last page.

    Look forward to next book in series, they keep getting better.
    Mar TN

  3. Marjorie:

    I just downloaded "A Share in Death" on my Kindle. Thanks for stopping by.


    It's so fun to reread a murder mystery watching for the missed clues.

    Thank you for your comment.

  4. I haven't read them in order either, but I've enjoyed them all!