Friday, August 10, 2012


A few observations about Istanbul:
Love the people - helpful, happy, hardworking--they will always try to sell you something
We rarely interacted with women, it was always the men who did  the serving, selling, etc.
Multiple daily call to prayers were a reminder that this is a history-rich ancient city
The Turks aren't like the Greeks and they make sure you know it
Traveling there in the summer without a hat is stupid

Hope you enjoy these last pics of my trip to Istanbul

Looking out from the ruins of Yoros Castle

Breakfast on our hotel rooftop

                                      Love these cute girls with their colorful dresses and braided hair

This tipped over truck had everyone scratching their heads.  It toppled just as this narrow road bends.

                          Yusuf Kurt, our darling guide we hired for a day.  He was excellent.

                                                               Gate at Dolmabache Palace

                                                      Heading out on our Bosphorus Cruise

                                                                   Rumeli Castle    

                                 Looking out toward the Black Sea from the ruins of Yoros Castle

                                                       Lunch on the Asian side of Istanbul

                                                           The Turks love their bread!

                                                         Love the modern with the old

          Impressive--we were sweltering wearing cotton and linen but these ladies didn't break a sweat.

                                                               Goodnight Istanbul


  1. Oh, this was wonderful to read and see. Seems like a great place to visit.
    (I found you from a comment you left on Mary's blog - I'll be back)