Friday, August 17, 2012


After a fabulous week in Istanbul it was onward to England.  If you are new to this blog, I am an Anglophile so while Istanbul was a treat, I breathed a sigh of relief when we arrived at Heathrow.

Warwick Castle

We quickly got to Paddington station where we moved on to Oxford to pick up our rental car.  My friend, Leslie (also an Anglophile) and I learned long ago to never rent a car from London.  Take the train to an easy location to pick up a car and head out.   So, let's go!

                      We stayed overnight at Park Cottage right at the entrance to Warwick Castle

We threw our bags on the bed, peaked out the window to check our view (lovely) and then quickly walked over to Warwick Castle and arrived just before closing so we snapped a few pics.  Fortunately, we have both been there before so just a quick peek was all we needed. 

                    After a plane, a train, and an automobile, a stroll around town was required.
                       Warwick was still very festive coming off the Queen's Jubilee celebration. 

                                               I would like to have tea at this darling place,

                                        and then go to the pottery paint workshop, after which to

                                         stop by this cute flat just to say "hi" before popping in to

                                                 this hardware store to buy a tea kettle.

                                                   Two heartening words: Garden Open

                 Janet, our B and B hostess, told us about this little gem--The Mill Garden, tucked in beneath the walls of Warwick Castle. We visited first thing in the morning and had the place to ourselves.

                            When I hear the words "cottage garden" this is exactly what I picture.

                                                             Down the garden path we go.

                                                             Let's go this way.

                                     Isn't everything prettier placed against an ancient stone wall?

                                           This little willow fence is just the right touch, isn't it? 

                       I imagine a hobbit will be strolling out any minute after second breakfast.

                   I love to see the back areas where random goodies are waiting to be put to use.

                                                                   A hidden gem.                                                            

                                                                Wasn't that a nice respite?                      
                                                                 Next stop: The Potteries