Sunday, May 5, 2013


                                             Mercury Fountain, Tom Quad, Christ Church College

Last summer was my fourth visit to attend the Oxford Experience.  Since I'm in the mood for a return trip I am posting a few pics I snapped as I wandered around Oxford.

                                              Cloister Fountain, Christ Church College

                                  One of ten windows in my room--this latch is perfection.

    Food trucks are something new to Oxford.  This one served the best pizza and it was parked right
     outside Christ Church College.

                                           This truck even had a wood-fired oven to bake the pizzas.


                                               I never tire of the classic red phone booths.


                                        Afternoon tea at the Randolph is always a must.

                                                         Gardens of Christ Church College.

                                                   Tom Quad, Christ Church College

                             Roaming around Oxford through pictures was just what I needed.

                                                  (All photos taken by Kimberly Wold)


  1. I am homesick already! Lovely pictures!

  2. Hi Kim. I'm getting really excited about my upcoming Oxford Experience. I'm in the middle of reading Jane Bingham's book on the Cotswolds - part of Trevor Rowley's recommended reading list and a great book. It's loaded with information, yet is a very easy read. As I look at your photos, I wonder which room will be mine this summer.

  3. Pauline: The Cotswolds class should be so interesting. And, by any chance, are you the Pauline from my Oxford class a few summers ago?