Sunday, April 21, 2013


After our visit to Petersham Nurseries, we walked down the path to tour the nearby Ham House and Garden. 

                                       This glossy black signpost makes my heart skip a beat.

The most interesting stiles and gates are found along the English countryside footpaths.  This is a stile to climb up and over to continue on your merry way.

                                                 We passed a few riders along the way.

                                                       Welcome to Ham House and Garden

      A strange art exhibit was underway which I ignored, focusing on the house and gardens instead.         But no pics taken inside of this 17th-century home.

                                                                 I want this door.

                                  And I want these gates to be the entrance to my backyard.

Ended our tour with a little cafe in the garden treat.  Due to some forward thinking, we had arranged for our taxi driver (the nicest guy) to pick us up at Ham House and return us to the train station.  Clever.

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