Sunday, April 7, 2013


Last July, after arriving in London we stashed our bags, and immediately caught a train to Richmond to visit Petersham Nurseries.  What a treat!

There was a bit of a buzz about this place last summer.  Wall Street Journal wrote an article and a few favorite bloggers posted about Petersham so it went on our list.  I always add a few new places to visit whilst in London along with visiting old favorites.

This greeted us at the entrance--it almost feels as if there is an entrance fee but don't worry, there isn't.

                                          First stop: straight back to the Teahouse to grab lunch.

                            Brilliant to place dessert at the beginning of this groaning board.

                            Chicken, salad, bread with a gorgeous slab of butter, and lemon cake for me.

                                                     Onward to the garden shop.

                                                   Aren't those terra cotta pots just perfect?

          This summer I am going to tuck those brilliant green sweet potato plants around the garden.

                                                            An abundance of Dahlias.

                             Surprisingly comfortable, although a few pillows wouldn't hurt.

                                                           Love galvanized anything.

                            If I lived in anywhere near this place I would be absolutely broke.

                                                           Those chairs, those bowls....

                                               Hope this visit adds a bright spot to your day.


  1. I would have never wanted to leave! I will look thru them again and again! Maybe I could make a collage of these on my wall! I love your treks and pics! Rock on GF!

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  3. Thank you for the tour! I loved, loved it!

  4. Kim...I loved travelling to Petersham's with you..again. It was my all time favourite spot..a wonderful memory. Thank you for sharing... xx

  5. So when are you going again?

  6. I've been to Petersham a few times. We had Sunday lunch in the restaurant there but I haven't eaten in the cafe. After seeing your pictures I wish I had. The restaurant is delicious, but the cafe food looks so comforting. Friends who just moved back to the US after two years in Kew brought me two small galvanized pots. They are currently on the kitchen window sill waiting for Love plants (oxalis, I think) to sprout.