Monday, November 17, 2008


Last weekend my sister and I spent a few days in Greer, Arizona. Everything was perfect. We took our time getting there, stopping in Payson for breakfast and Pinetop for lunch. We checked-in to our room, the Birds Nest (see top floor above), at Greer Lodge in the afternoon.

The air was crisp (you know, how Fall it suppose to feel like?) and the sky was a beautiful blue. The lodge supplied bikes so we rode up and down the dirt roads and along the main road checking out the area. The leaves had already dropped off the Quaking Aspens and the Maple trees so the landscape looked even more wintery.

Night time temperatures were around 30 degrees--yeah! Finally, some cold air! And the stars were brilliantly splattered across the sky.

In the evenings we saw a family of racoons and in the mornings a couple of deer. I finished two books and caught up on a bunch of magazines. For two mornings we had the best pancakes ever at Rendevous Diner in Greer.

We took that beautiful drive between Alpine and Hannigan Meadow. Eastern Arizona is my favorite part of the state. All the Colorado Blue Spruce and Engelmann Spruce look like perfect Christmas trees. The elevation is around 9000 so it is even colder than Greer.

Greer Lodge is running some great specials--so if you can take a little time off check out Greer Lodge.


  1. It was great. Nothing like going to Greer in November and enjoying how Fall is suppose to feel like.

  2. Oh, I forgot those were the BEST PANCAKES I've ever had. I still dream about them.

  3. Did you happen to see the Molly Butler Lodge? The oldest lodge in AZ. David's great grandmother was Molly Butler. Greer is a lovely place to my husbands family. His mom grew up working there in the summers. She has many fond memories. Glad you guys had a great time.

  4. Kim!

    Thanks for the recommendation! We are going to go in December! What would you suggest if pancakes are not your thing---do they have french toast or wonderful waffles? Thanks again--


  5. TAMI:

    We had dinner at Molly Butler's. I had forgotten that Dave was related.

    Miss you guys!