Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vegetable Garden Update

Five weeks ago we planted our two vegetable gardens--seeds, no transplants.

As you can see everything is coming up as it should. But, boy is it slow! They sprouted up so quickly that it seemed we would be eating our organic vegetables in a few weeks. But apparently that is only a tease--I can't imagine we'll be eating anything from our garden very soon.

We have the trellis up ready for the sugar snap peas (top row) to start climbing. I have a small fence now in place around the two gardens to keep Kipling from nibling or trampling on the plants.

Two weeks ago I started thinning. Pulling out perfectly healthy teeny tiny plants felt criminal. The picture above shows our sugar snap peas, mixed lettuces, radishes, carrots, and napa cabbage. So you can see why I think it's going to be a while before we actually can taste any goods from our miniscule plants!


  1. You will be eating freash veges in no time at all!!!!

  2. Kim!

    I think chicken is on sale--we should look into that so we can can some more!


  3. kim, your trip to Greer sounded so relaxing. But,when did you want to start your new garden box. You had better start digging! Really though, the little seedlings look beautiful! jill

  4. Congrats on the garden! I have eaten basil and cilantro from our garden (really I took over the kid's sand box. Can we talk...). However, most exciting...I see a real live bell pepper, two tomatoes and some sad looking carrots out there.