Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well, it's August. In Arizona. What more can I say? However, we have had some abnormally cool mornings (you know, around 5:30 am).

In Arizona you just have to get through August and hope all of your plants survive. So we've taken a little break from gardening just making sure everything is well-watered.

We solarized the flower bed (you can see Kipling standing guard) a few weeks ago. The weeds were impossible so fingers crossed that the little devils will be baked to death under that thick plastic. The plastic will be removed in early September and we will have a little seed planting party with our niece and the twins next door.

The basil is growing like crazy and the thyme and rosemary are doing great. Our two vegetable garden plots are empty and the compost is cooking along. I cannot believe how grass, straw, and kitchen garbage make gorgeous soil. Sure am looking foward to October.

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  1. Is Steve and I not invited to your seed planting party? We were before.