Sunday, August 9, 2009


Recently my friend Darcey and I took a quick trip over to Laguna Beach and toured a small, coastal garden. What could I possibly translate from a coastal garden to my desert garden? Hydrangeas? No, I wish! But I was inspired to add a few embellishments to dress things up.

First stop: Target. Picked up three trellises for trumpet and jasmine vines in the side yard. That added a little charm to my young vines.

Second stop: My Secret Garden in Phoenix (just north of Camelback, west side of 7th Street). What luck! They are having a 50% off sale on everything in the store. And no, they are not going out of business, just trying to make room for shipments (which were piling up while I was there).

I bought a darling copper obelisk with a sweet little bird perched at the top. When it cools down (October?) I will plant some type of climbing rose at its base. Won't that be pretty?

And of course, every visit to Orange County demands a visit(s) to Roger's Gardens. On this visit I picked up this apple green garden seat. The plan is to put it outside between my two vegetable garden boxes. But since there is nothing lush growing in the garden right now I am going to wait to place it outside when the boxes are filled with promising edibles.

Until then, I've placed it in my entrance next to the chest. And please don't feel sorry for the spindly little plant in the blue pot. It is a Ti leaf and was given to me by the sweetest native Hawaiian woman as I was sitting in the Lihue airport leaving Kauai last January. This darling woman was carrying these gorgeous Ti leaf plants and I commented on how pretty they were.

She had cut them from her Kauai home and was bringing them to her Honolulu home to plant them in her yard. After insisting I take one as a gift I accepted. It looked like a gorgeous green feather duster when I first planted it in a vase of water. Then slowly it dropped its leaves but formed the necessary roots so about a month ago I planted it. And so far it is growing! Even in this dry climate. So fingers crossed that it looks lush enough some day for me to send a photo to its previous owner.


  1. Great accents! Why have I not ever heard of My Secret Garden??? Were you keeping it a secret? Looks like you came away with some great ideas. Too bad our gardens are to small for all the great ideas out there! Yours looks beautiful!

  2. wow,it looks like you had a very productive trip!It is amazing how all your embellishments really pull things together. I love how they make the garden more of a "living" space. Everything is looking lovely. Oh,I too will seek out this Secret Garden.

  3. Wow! You never told us about this secret garden place?????