Friday, October 8, 2010


I am a book addict.  Seriously.  I have books.  I buy books.  I borrow books from the library.  I download books. I rent books (on tape). And to read all of the books I own I will have to live (and have excellent eyesight) until I am 100. Here are a few of the books I have purchased in the last several weeks--fortunately, I did some buying at Abe Books and Book Depository--cheap, cheap, cheap.

Hmmm, but not these beauties.  I bought these whilst visiting London and had them shipped. If you don't know about Persephone Books, please take a peek at their website. If you stop by in person (lucky you), please give my regards to Miranda.

These little gems I found at an Oxford bookshop.  My Oxford tutor had recommended Some Country Houses and their Owners so given that it was a small book I stopped by Blackwell to purchase. I was proud of myself for only buying one (but secretly thinking I would buy the rest back home).

Penguin has published 20 small books called English Journeys. When I returned home I became obsessed about purchasing the remaining 19 and couldn't find them in town.  So I checked Penguin's website, but couldn't purchase if I was out of the UK.  Seriously?  It is 2010 for heavens sake.  So, Thomas at My Porch to the rescue who told me about the Book Depository where I promptly purchased the four books they had left (and always free shipping!).

Three of these books were purchased through Abe and one at Oxford. The Cat's Pyjamas was recommended by Pauline, one of my Oxford classmates.  It's a fun book about the origination of English cliches and written by one of the Tutors at the Oxford Experience, Julia Cresswell.  So, I had to buy her book given that I met her and that Pauline said it was quite humorous. I think there are a few more books I purchased this last month lying around or loaned out. Must. Stop. Buying. Books.

Then I was reminded of the comfort and beauty of books.  This charming picture by Carl Spitzweg entitled, "The Bookworm", hangs in my office at work (clearly a copy).  Looking at it makes me think maybe one can never have enough books.


  1. All your book talk is making me book hungry!! :) Funnily, It's kind of like watching the food Network. All the cooking shows alway make me so hungry! Is there ONE must-read book you would recommend? I have to start somewhere. See you for lunch this week! :)


  2. You ARE a bookworm, and honestly, I'm very jealous of that! Can't wait to check out those sites. Thankyou.

  3. Lindsay:
    If you love a good non-fiction adventure story then I recommend The River of Doubt by Candice Millard.

    Jill: I've gotten books pretty cheaply from those sites so take a look.

    See you both on Thursday!