Monday, July 9, 2012



Came across the photo below of how my house looked the day we took ownership.  Overgrown landscape, stamped concrete walkway, no color anywhere.  But the floor plan was perfect and the structure sound--we quickly changed what we didn't like.

Before - 2004

Out came all that awful concrete which we replaced with brick pavers.  We pulled every plant except for the jacaranda tree.  Lights were replaced or added, flowers and pretty shrubs added, new round address plaque.  Door painted, deep red pots added at the door filled with geraniums, English thyme, and an asparagus fern, and adirondack chairs for a welcome visit. Not all this is easy to see due to lighting and the fact that I'm not a professional photographer.  But trust me, it all made a difference.

                                                                    Happy, happy!


  1. Very nice! Isn't it interesting how plants can change the feel of a place like that.

  2. Such a lovely home -- I still can't get over the transformation! So fun to have witnessed the progress; glad you have "before" photos to remind us of all that work. Can't tell you how much I miss passing it nearly every day. xo