Thursday, July 26, 2012


 Glorious mosaic patterns were to be found everywhere in Istanbul.  If you are an artist in need of inspiration, Istanbul would be a good place to visit.

                                                                 The Blue Mosque
So many times when we enter ancient places of worship the interiors are very dark.  What a surprise then to walk into the Blue Mosque, built in the early 1600's, and see all these gorgeous tiled patterns of light and uplifting colors.

                                                                     The Blue Mosque

                                                                The Blue Mosque

                                                                  The Royal Mausoleum
                                                   Sultans and family members entombed here

                                                                      Hagia Sophia
                            Orginally built as a Christian church, Hagia Sophia is now a museum

                                                                      Hagia Sophia

                                                     Painted ceiling at Hagia Sophia

                                                                     Hagia Sophia

                                                              Courtyard at Topkapi Palace

                                                           Tiled wall at Topkapi Palace

                                                        A walkway at Topkapi Palace

                                                          The Harem at Topkapi Palace

                                                              Roman Cisterns
                              Love that they made the effort to beautifully design water storage

                                                          The Mosque of Suleyman

                                                       Carpet at Mosque of Suleyman

                                                             Mosque of Suleyman


  1. It's weird, now that it has been a few weeks and seeing mine and your pictures, I am actually missing Istanbul...but in cooler weather.

  2. Your photos of Istanbul are amazing. I love architecture, the white & bright colors and the tile work is beautiful!