Monday, July 23, 2012


The Whirling Dervish Ceremony
A form of prayer through music and dance

The Whirling Dervishes

One of six minarets surrounding the Blue Mosque

Call to prayer (5 times daily) is heard through speakers placed on minarets such as this one

Mosque of Suleyman

Faucets outside the mosque for washing
Mosque of Suleyman

Mosque of Suleyman

The Women's Prayer Section
Mosque of Suleyman

                                                                 Hagia Sophia
             Originally built as a Christian church, then turned into a mosque, now it's a museum
                                      The current structure was rebuilt shortly after532

                                                                        Hagia Sophia

                                                                    Hagia Sophia                   

                                                                 The Splendid Door
                                                                      Hagia Sophia

                                                                      Baptismal Font
                                                                       Hagia Sophia


Lady Bardfan said...

What about your amazing pictures of the Blue Mosque? Or are you saving those for a post just about it? These are great pictures. I am still amazed at that huge baptisimal font!

Mary Ronan Drew said...

That door really is splendid, isn't it! Along with the rest of your photos.

Kim said...

Leslie: It is overwhelming go through all of the pictures! I was saving a few of the Blue Mosque for a later post which is now complete.

Mary: Thank you!