Friday, December 26, 2008


I am really into reading all about the founding of our country and the years following the establishment of the Constitution. American Lion by Jon Meacham fits right in building upon my time with Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin.

Andrew Jackson is not a President I know much about other than to recognize that skinny face with the mop of hair on the twenty dollar bill. But if you think politics are mean and wild now just take a look at the 1830's. Jackson was hard-driving, fearless, and loyal to a fault. At times he was like a dictator not caring about any other facts or opinions but his own--just running towards his goal at all costs.

Since I am often in DC, it is interesting to read about the places Jackson visits while serving as President, without security, sometimes just riding his horse from the White House and down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Meacham is a fine writer, not as elegant as David McCullough, but he's good at giving enough details without getting too bogged down. Sometimes he goes off on tangents and I have to backtrack a bit to the original point. But it is a worthwhile read and I've enjoyed getting to know our seventh President.

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  1. My nephew got this book for my dad for Christmas -- I'll have to borrow it when he's done!