Monday, December 15, 2008


For a few years now my two sisters, niece, and I travel to Disneyland in December. We take a Monday morning flight to Orange County, pick up our rental car and head to Roger's Gardens, have lunch at Fashion Island, and then check-in to the Fairfield Inn across the street from Disneyland and walk over to Downtown Disney. We spend the next two days at Disneyland (and a bit of time at California Adventure Park) and fly home Wednesday night. We always have a blast.

Roger's Gardens is one of my favorite places to visit. My friends never completely understand why Roger's is worth a stop until I take them there. Then they get it! It is a feast for the eyes. Gorgeous plants and flower arrangements everywhere. Beautiful items for your home and garden. Ideas galore. From the moment you walk into the little alcove entrance you see three or four items that would be perfect in your home.

After walking through the many indoor rooms of tantalizing home decor you walk outside to the beautiful landscaped outdoor rooms. Hydrangeas, ivy topiaries, amaryllis, and other stunning flowers are tucked into wreaths, pots, and along walkways. You begin to convince yourself that maybe with the proper care and protection you too could grow these gorgeous plants in the Arizona heat.

Then, as you breath in the humidified air, you snap back to reality and realize the only way a hydrangea will survive in your yard is if it is silk--and that would be just plain tacky. So, while I never buy anything that is actually growing, I do always leave with something for my home. This time it was two little green french pots--don't know where I will put them but they are so pretty. And my sister Lori found two flower arrangements for her family room so she left quite satisfied.

Then on to Disneyland where the entire park is dressed-up for Christmas. We love going in December. Everything at Disneyland is extra festive. And the crowds are not bad.

So we hit the rides and completely enjoy ourselves without any plan of action. No need for a fast pass since the wait is less than 10 minutes, if that.

We leave Disneyland late in the afternoon, drive 15 minutes to the airport and return home where, for once, it is usually colder than the place we left! Yeah!

And we lived happily ever after......I wish!


  1. I just love that trip every year. We always have such a good time especially at Rogers Garden.

  2. I'm SO lucky that I survived that trip with you pushing me around all the time (literaly). I'm just kidding! Love ya!!!