Monday, December 1, 2008


Can you believe it is December 1st?? Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

The rain on Thanksgiving was delightful and put me in the spirit to decorate for Christmas. The outside of our house is now decorated and our two Christmas trees are up.

Tammy's tree was decorated with the help of Maddie and Morgan. The twins's think Tammy's tree is the "fun tree" with all the Santa Claus', Snow Whites, and Cinderellas, hanging on the branches. My tree is up and I need to adjust the lights and start the trimming.

The creche is out--we have two--the one my parent's had when we were growing up and one I purchased years ago. I love them both.

Right now a pumpkin spice cake is baking in the oven--I will let you know how it turns out. It is making the house smell heavenly!


  1. The pumpkin spice cakely was heavenly! Thanks for sharing!

    I need to try that pecan pie recipe--it looks delightful! Our Thanksgiving feast did not include on this year--hopefully post-Christmas I will get around to it!


  2. I am so sad you didn't have pecan pie on Thanksgiving! I will bring you a piece for Christmas....