Thursday, May 21, 2009


So, do you have too much stuff? Need a simple plan to declutter that won't take a ton of time or stress you out? I came across this little gem of an idea: toss or give away one thing every day for 365 days. And no, it can't be something that you normally throw away, such as an apple core (which you should be composting, anyway).

I've been doing this for one week--and it is surprising how hard it is to come up with one thing even though I know I have too much stuff! But I have either tossed or given away: one pair of old boots, refrigerator magnets (seven that I only counted as one), bath gel, baseball cap, and a few other boring items.

My clutter-free friends (Cassandra, Alicia, Jennifer) cannot even imagine having 365 items to get rid of. But my guess is a few of you may decide to embrace this idea to get you on to the path of a semi-clutter free life (I say "semi" since the thought of zero clutter may really freak us out).

If you have any other ideas to cure the "too much stuff" syndrome, please share.


  1. So if you have a huge stack of pictures that need to go in a scrap book do you count one picture or the whole stack as one thing?

  2. I hope you don't mind my saying, but, That truly is how her desk looks. I would NEVER have guessed that is how "Teaparty Kim's" desk looks....