Thursday, September 22, 2011


Really.  I love these boots and wish I had an excuse to own a pair out here in sunny, dry, Arizona.

These boots would make me feel as if I had a country estate that needed my ever watchful eye.  I could roam the grounds for errant sheep, survey blown down trees, and wave to the hikers as they pass along the public footpath that would cross my property.  My boots would always be ready for me propped just outside my back door where they would not be rotted from the sun/heat or housing a sleeping scorpion.

I first eyed these about a year ago whilst in England. Le Chameau, made in France. I know, why would I prefer French rubber boots over the English-made Hunter boots?  I don't know, but I do know that the Le Chameau brand is worn by a lot of the English gentry (to which I aspire), so that's good enough for me.  Then again, Hunter boots are also worn by the English gentry.  And, I haven't tried either brand on my Cinderella feet.

Last month, a darling blogger, Jeanne from Finding My Way in England, posted about the dilemma of which exact boot to choose.  And then I noticed the Duchess of Cambridge also wearing the French boots. Suddenly I was googling away to find all the options.  But, I'm a classic sort of girl and would opt for the green rubber, nothing fancy, boots.  I'm also practical (usually) and realize that I have absolutely no excuse to wear these.  Sadly, my old green Croc's are just right for an Arizona, non-irrigated backyard.  Drats.


  1. Kim, well put, dear friend. Carry on, old Crocs. They do the Az job.

  2. Thank you! I'm thinking that Crocs never wear out, unfortunately.

  3. I sigh with you. I drool over all the gorgeous, sassy wellies and knee high boots in the mail catalogues this time of year but when would I ever get to where them here in the Valley of the Sun? Ho hum.

  4. Not sure even a move to California justifies the purchase, but it's sure worth a consideration. Thanks for the tip! (I like the sole much better than the Hunters.)