Saturday, September 3, 2011


We have a crazy, wild pencil cactus plant on our patio.  I took a cue from my friend Robby who took a cutting from her also out of control plant and plopped it into a clear vase filled with water, seashells, and stones.  Easy peasy.   I did the same sans the seashells and love the living, sculptural look sitting on my desk.  Eventually, roots will form and twirl into a sort of nest hovering above the stones.  I'll snap a pic and report back when that happens.

My new arrangement cost me $0 since I already had the plant, the vase, and the stones.  Yea!

P.S. If you live nearby I would be happy to give you a clipping from my crazy patio plant.

P.P.S.  As noted in the comment section (thanks, Bonnie!), when the stem is cut there is a milky white substance that can be an irritant.  I rinsed the stem until the white substance stopped flowing and then washed my hands with soap and water.  I didn't have any problems.


  1. these are so easy to grow! Be careful with the sap, its very irritating and can damage your eyes according to my landscaper

  2. Oh, good to know, Bonnie. I should have mentioned that the milky white substance is sticky (I just rinsed it off), but I didn't know it could be an irritant.

  3. I've got a humongous pencil plant out front. I am so doing this to give my office a nice plant feature. Thanks for the cool idea.

  4. Such a great idea. I would love a cutting at any time!

  5. I was wondering if you let it dry for any length of time before plunking it in the water? Sometimes I do that with my agaves. I have a monster plant out front too and I'd love to propagate it. Thanks for the tip!