Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A good friend of mine, Lisa, is just starting to get to know a charming Brit named Lord Peter Wimsey. Lisa's husband gifted her with a few of the first of Dorothy Sayers' writings staring the amateur sleuth Wimsey. My friend is in for a treat.

Dorothy Sayers wrote these murder mysteries in the 1920's and 1930's. I haven't read the entire series but I have read those that include Harriet Vane, Wimsey's love interest.

Peter Wimsey is an heir to a fortune and therefore doesn't have to work. So he spends his time as a detective. He is aided at home by his valet, Bunter. This is not the same relationship as Wooster and Jeeves. Wimsey is smart and Wooster a loveable idiot. Bunter does make life easier for his lordship and I am jealous that I can't have a valet after reading all the ways Bunter takes care of Wimsey.

Harriet Vane is an Oxford educated writer who finds herself accused of murder when she first meets Wimsey in Strong Poison. Wimsey saves her from being hanged and the relationship continues through several more books, my favorite being Gaudy Night.

Good, crisp writing, strongly defined characters, and great British wit. My friend will enjoy.


  1. I LOVE Lord Peter! Sayers is a great mystery writer. One of the best! I am excted for your friend.

  2. I love Lord Peter and Harriet, too! The BBC had a wonderful series of films based on the books.

    I've enjoyed browsing through your books and recipes!