Thursday, January 22, 2009


Grapefruit is one of my favorite breakfast treats in the winter and spring. Almost every morning I have one as my dessert. I usually have hot oatmeal or toast and then finish off with a big, beautiful grapefruit. I love picking it off my sister's tree, piling it into the refridgerator bin, chilling it, taking it out and slicing through its thick skin, and then splitting it open to see that gorgeous pink juicy fruit. Sometimes I sprinkle a little sugar on top, often not. I take my little paring knife and slice it into wedges just big enough for a large spoon. After I finish eating the grapefruit I press my spoon into the bowl of the grapefruit and let the remaining juice flow into the spoon and slurp it up. After there is nothing left of the grapefruit I say to my other sister how sorry I am that she doesn't like grapefruit and is missing its joyful purpose.


  1. yum, tell Lori to save some grapefruit for me! You made that sound like the most wonderful breakfast ever. jill

  2. I totally agree! Grapefruit is the best and you can never eat just one half. I remember a swim coah of mine that would peel a pink g, and dip each section in sugar and eat it like an orange. I think I will try that some time! YUM! Leslie